Somebody’s Watching Me

Had a rare day off last night and decided to take in a Lorain City Council meeting. One of the topics of this council meeting was an implementation of red light cameras. Sponsored by councilman Tim Howard (D) 3rd ward, Nestor Traffic System, of Rhode Island presented about an hours worth presentation about the rewards of their video equipment. Some of the features:

They offer time tested and field proven Collision Avoidance traffic safety technology. Nestor’s 7 year-old video-based detection technology actually predicts a violation will occur and can signal the traffic controller and can extend the red light for cross-traffic. This gives the violator additional time to clear the intersection reducing the chances of right-angle crashes.

They offer full video clips of violations from front and rear vantage points, resulting in the most complete evidence package in the industry that allows officials to view from multiple angles whether the vehicle in question was truly beyond(or behind) the stop line at the exact moment the signal turned red.

Video vehicle tracking individually identifies and tracks every vehicle in the field of view ensuring only the violating vehicle is identified. Video detection is more accurate providing fewer false triggers on turn movements than traditional laser or loop-based systems. It also protects investments in existing infrastructure by not requiring cutting of in-ground loops.

With less than a 3% court challenge rate and less than 1% overturn rate, Nestor has a track record of success.

Other advantages that Nestor offers:

Video recording only occurs when there is a violation.

Violation video is transmitted digitally (in real time) to central processing facility.

Evidence retrieval.

Citation preperation and citation mailing.

Court package preperation.

Payment processing.

Toll-free customer service hotline.

Nestor will install all equipment and software at no charge to the city, and any future software upgrades are also provided at no cost. Nestor only requires a percentage of the fines levied against the violators. Approxmately 35% according to the representative present at last night’s meeting.

Now the bad news:

Red-light camera firm for Montclair beset with losses

Robert Rogers, Staff Writer

;SAN BERNARDINO – A Rhode Island-based traffic surveillance firm looking to more than double its operations in the city is in the midst of rocky financial times, federal records show.Nestor Traffic Systems Inc., a unit of Providence, R.I.-based Nestor Inc. that has contracts with dozens of cities, including Montclair, has been beset by operating losses and debt in recent years and might be in danger of dropping off the Nasdaq stock market.

Complete article can be found here

Nestor faces de-listing by Nasdaq

PROVIDENCE – Nestor Inc. (Nasdaq: NEST) was notified by the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC, in a letter dated Tuesday, that the market intends to end trading in the company’s stock at the end of this month and de-list the securities. Nestor said it “does not expect that it will appeal the staff’s delisting determination.”

A year ago today, the traffic-safety systems and services provider was notified that – because its stock had traded below $1 per share for the previous 30 business days – it was no longer in compliance with requirements for continued listing on Nasdaq. In accordance with marketplace rules, Nestor was given 180 days to meet the market’s minimum bid price requirement or risk delisting.

Complete article can be found here

H/T to Ladalang for these articles.

And, there’s also the thought of “BIG BROTHER” watching over us.

Your thoughts, please.



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  1. […] Muley’s Cafe has a perspective here https://mulemeister.wordpress.com/2008/07/29/somebodys-watching-me/ Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Paula’s Possible (solutions)Njection Brings […]

  2. Hi Muley ! loooooonnnnnnnnnnggggg meeting and presentation glad you were paying attention 🙂

  3. on July 29, 2008 at 13:16 Paula Tobias

    I’m glad you were there for the comic relief.

    Isn’t it interesting when you go live and in person to observe? Reading the minutes just doesn’t get it.

    The body language….. the inflections…. the little one liners you don’t catch in the notes…..

    Bottom line on the cameras. I don’t know where we’d install. I’d love to have cameras on High Crime areas instead. I can drive around the traffic light cameras if I knew where they were installed. Oopss did I say that?!

  4. …..I hear ya Paula, so many shortcuts in Lorain, the one drawback that bothers me is taking shortcuts to avoid them. But, we’re not running red lights then, are we? It is about safety too, right? But if you are approaching a green light, will you still take the shortcut to avoid the same light?

  5. ……thanks for linking Loraine. Hey another nickname for ya….”Linking Loraine”…:)

  6. on July 29, 2008 at 17:21 denise caruloff

    oooouuuu, a “red light district”..
    Hope you are enjoying your time off!
    catch ya in the funny papers!

  7. 🙂 Loraine

  8. Hi Muley!

    Where to install the red light cameras:

    They would have to put one up at every intersection within the Lorain city limits. That way, nobody could claim that they were being ‘profiled’ if they got caught at 28th & Elyria instead of Broadway & West Erie (for example). These cameras must be ‘impartial observers’ as well. No picking and choosing who gets a ticket based on their status in the community. Everyone who breaks the law gets a ticket – including ALL city workers, even the police. No ifs ands or buts.


    While I’m typing my comment, my husband is ranting at me:
    “While we’re at it, let’s install stop sign cameras and catch the people who don’t come to a complete stop. And put cameras in the driveways of businesses, because you know that nobody ever stops before they pull out of the department store/gas station/grocery store/fast food place/bar/etc. And a camera in every parking lot to catch the people who don’t know how to drive in a parking lot. Maybe one in every driveway to catch you leaving without a seat belt, too. I want a camera that can catch people who make left turns into the right lane and vice versa. How about one to catch the people on bikes who aren’t obeying the rules of the road? And don’t forget the jaywalking cameras!”
    When asked if he was being serious or a smartass, he replied “Both. If you’re going to go after one part of the population – people who drive – you have to go after everybody, right? We can generate additional revenue by offering subscriptions to watch a live feed from the cams on the internet. It would be like one giant block watch.”

    It’s gonna be a long night…..


  9. …..and we can sell banner ads on that web site too! 🙂 Actually, I would like to see everyone just obey the laws and stop whether it be a red light or a stop sign. The turn-on-red laws is a major player in this, for it tells people, “hey, no one is looking, go ahead, you don’t have to stop” I had a thought awhile ago: http://thewomblog.com/?p=190 Why not just take all the stop signs down and recycle them? Nobody stops at them any way. I wish there was a solution to all this madness…….oh, but there is. Just obey the laws and we don’t have this conversation, right?
    Thanks for visiting my site B’s M. I appreciate the conversation. From all signs(no pun intended) received so far, me doesn’t think Lorain is ready for any cameras.

  10. Hey Muley!
    Thanks for the reporting!
    Now I have something to “chew on”.

  11. Muley, the only way you might get everyone to obey the laws is if those who are sworn to enforce the law were to lead by example and obey the laws themselves.
    Do you think that will happen any time soon?

  12. Right Hand Turn on Red

    from the
    Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws:

    “In Ohio, it is legal to turn right after stopping at a red traffic signal, but only when:

    2. You have come to a complete stop and have allowed all crossing traffic and all pedestrians to proceed through the intersection…”

    The law clearly states that you have to stop before turning.
    When you don’t do what you’re told, there will be consequences for your actions. Plain and simple.

  13. …..B’s M, getting everyone to obey traffic laws, including those who enforce them, will happen about the same time that Lorain becomes prosperous. And we all know that’s right around the corner, correct?

  14. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  15. ……….thanks for stopping in Alex. It’s always refreshing to hear from others about what you write about. Appreciate your thoughts. Have a great day.

  16. i know that this comment is a few months past your post but thought you might be interested about the red light cameras down here in wilmington……we had them installed about 8 years ago at several locations all over the city….fotunately ive never been “photographed”! Lots of revenue was generated from these cameras…90% of which went to the school systems…..fast forward 9 years…the cameras need maintenance to the tune of over $650,000 and the city doesnt have the money…..yet….so who should pay??? anyways the cameras are off and we are safe to run red lights again…..

  17. …..thanks for commenting Patty. As you can see, I’ve read about Wilmington’s red light camera’s and have seen the revenue produced from them. It’s a shame that most of the revenue goes to the schools, and I am surprised that someone hasn’t tried to get that state law changed. After all, we are in a different era now and we need to keep our laws current. But here in Lorain, Ohio, the company that wants to do this is willing to cover the cost of installation, maintenance and future upgrades at no additional cost to the city. Sorta a “win,win” situation. I personally would like to see them, for I pass by a couple on my daily commute back and forth to downtown Cleveland and haven’t had the photo-op just yet. Time will tell, but for a city like ours that needs the revenue, I would think our city leaders would look at this a little better and make an educated decision.

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