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Well folks, we’re into my fourth month back here in Wilmington, N.C. and I have to tell you, one of the main reason’s for my fondness of the area is my Love for salt-water fishing. I started to fish here back in the summer of 1978, with the help of a few locals who took a liking to this old yankee, on the old Crystal Pier at Wrightsville Beach. That summer, I would come out to the pier in the evenings from work, and just stand out on the end of the pier and observe. Being from the North, and being somewhat aggressive, I didn’t want to step on any toes, so I would just watch, listen and pay close attention. The techniques, the people, the equipment, all these things, I would just absorb it all and try to make new friends.

And I think it paid off for me. On my return, I’ve been able to renew those aquaintenances, those friendships from years gone by. Although Crystal Pier is not the same as it was years ago, I’ve found that I can enjoy the memories of Crystal Pier just as well from the Jolly Roger Pier on Topsail Island, just a short drive north up hwy 17. Although I’ve left most of my fishing gear in Ohio, I did bring a wealth of knowledge and memories with me on my return.


In the coming weeks, as the coastal waters warm up, I’ll try to shift this blog from things about Lorain, Ohio, my beloved home town, to a more local flavor. As with this article, I will be writing news and stories on fishermen, their catch and other fishing lore from time to time, I hope you will enjoy them all. But don’t get me wrong, I’ll still write about politics, dumb stuff (they go together) and other articles of note.

 In the mean time, any of you locals care to brag about your catch, or tell us your “honey hole”, drop me a line.

If you have that “special” fish tale you want to share, just e-mail me at: muley17@yahoo.com and I will be more than happy to share it with all of you old salts.

Have a good day fishing, and make it better by taking a kid with you.


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June 7, 1933 ~ November 11, 2008

News spread quickly this morning in the sporting world, of the passing of former Indians pitcher, Herb Score. Herb was “Rookie of the Year” in 1955 and set a  American League record for strikeouts with 245 K’s, while going 16 – 10 with a  2:45 ERA. Herb went on to go 55 – 46 W-L record with a 3:36 ERA in his career which some say was shortened when on May 7, 1957 against the New York Yankees, Herb was struck by a line drive off the bat of Gil McDougald. While Herb recovered from his injuries, he did not return to the mound for over a year, returning late in 1958, only to suffer another setback with a torn tendon in his arm that cost him the rest of the 58′ season. Score returned for the 1959 season, but could only muster a 9 -11 with a 3:71 ERA, before being traded to the Chicago White Sox, where he played parts of 3 seasons before retiring in 1962.

Although an oustanding pitcher for 8 years, I remember Herb Score as a broadcaster, first as an Indians television announcer from 1964 – 1967, then as the radio announcer for all Indians games from 1968 – 1997, calling his final game at Jacobs Field in game 7 of the 1997 World Series.

Herb Score…..Thank You, you made “growing-up” Fun

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