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Can you(us) believe this is happening?……………….


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This, from the BBC online today:

“Microsoft is continuing its investigation of public reports of attacks against a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer,” said the firm in a security advisory alert about the flaw.

Microsoft says it has detected attacks against IE 7.0 but said the “underlying vulnerability” was present in all versions of the browser.

Other browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, are not vulnerable to the flaw Microsoft has identified.

These warnings can be viewed here, here and here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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In two weeks, Mark Provenza will begin his 90 day sentence for his conviction in an August drunk-driving incident.

What an excellent time to do my first poll on Muley’s Cafe 2.0


As Law Director for the city of Lorain:

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Just quit, Mark.

You have a problem, and the court wants you to help yourself first.

“You don’t destroy their house and destroy their lives and look over your shoulder four months later and say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry,'” Carroll said. “That doesn’t fly.”

You have endangered many people in many different ways, too many to discuss here. But you have endangered yourself more than any other person throughout this whole episode.

You could write anything you want to correct the wrongs you have caused, but as Mr. Henderson said so correctly:

“It’ll just be a piece of paper pretty much.”

You’ve been given 90 days in the slammer, your family is greatly embarrassed, you get to wear court-mandated Bling”, and your career could be in the dumper, all because you needed to have a drink?

Get a hold of yourself Mark.

Get right with yourself, Mark.

God will get right with you, Mark.

On His Terms !

Not yours.

Everyone thinks you should resign, including Lorain’s mayor Anthony Krasienko:

“In my opinion, I cannot see how he can effectively represent the city or its citizens as city law director, prosecutor after these events. It would be in the community’s and Mark Provenza’s best interest if he were to step down as law director, but Mark Provenza is an elected official and only he can remove himself from office.”

and Lorain auditor Ron Mantini:

“If it was me, I think I would resign, but that’s up to him because he’s an elected official. He has to decide what’s best for his family situation and his professional career.”

and Lorain councilwoman Melanie Szabo:

“In light of Mr. Provenza’s problems, I feel he should resign and seek the help that he needs. … I feel right now that he needs to get the help to get himself well.”

and a plethora of Lorain citizens want you to resign as noted here.

Do the right thing, Mark.

Resign ASAP

Save your family, your career and yourself and take this warning from the courts and turn your life around.

Being the Law Director is a prestigious job, one that would be hard for anyone to quit, but that is what is needed to save your law career. And I hope you make the right decision.

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Every four years, when we elect a new president, the outgoing commander-in-chief has complete power to pardon convicted felons. From drug dealers and junk-bond sellers to convicted embezzelers and terrorist, the outgoing president can free felons from jail and can commute their sentences.

And nobody can change his decisions.

Now, even though Lorain’s mayoral elections fall one year before a presidential election, a what-if scenario has emerged with this item in the news of late.

What If Lorain’s mayor had the same powers as our president?

Who would he pardon ?

Could one be Dennis Flores?

Convictions: 3rd degree misdemeanor of Solicitation

1st degree misdemeanor of Physical Control

Or possibly William Desvari?

Conviction: 1st degree misdemeanor of Falsification

Or possibly Craig Miller?

Conviction: 5th degree felony of Obstruction of Justice

Or possibly Lorain Police Officer Stanley Marrero

Conviction: 1st degree misdemeanor of intimidating a Witness, 2nd degree misdemeanor of Dereliction of Duty and 3rd degree misdemeanor of Public Indecency

Or City of Lorain employee Edwin Heyduk Jr.

Conviction: Drug Possesion, Trafficking, Illegal Manufacturing/Cultivating of Marijuana and Possesion of Criminal Tools

Sadly, here in Lorain, we have a lot to pick from when it comes to pardons.

Who would you pardon if you had that power ?

This is my pick…….

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…….or my wife would have killed me.

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all.

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